Saga of Nilid, the main character

I attended a contest that lasted 1 month, in which 15 topics were given with titles and short descriptions (5-7 words each). Based on this information, I came up with a complete story, including religion, weather, and the events that happened there. In this article, you can see the full story, concepts, and some development processes. 

Here's the main character for this project - Nilid. Full story and development you can find on my Artstation

He was but a babe when he was left at the doorstep of the Great Light cathedral fifty-seven winters past. There, he was raised by pacifists who worshiped the Holy Sun. With his aptitude for learning and his diligence, he earned a place as a scribe in the library, poring over and restoring old tomes and scrolls. A scholar of ancient myths and legends, he was nonetheless not lacking in practical aspects of his service.
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