Saga of Nilid, artifacts

I attended a contest CARPG that lasted 1 month, in which 15 topics were given with titles and short descriptions (5-7 words each). Based on this information, I came up with a complete story, including religion, weather, and the events that happened there. In this article, you can see the full story, concepts, and some development processes. 

Full story and development you can find on my Artstation

The battle was won, but it was not yet over - the darkness still pulsated, reaching for the Sun Lamp. For complete restoration, the artifact lacked the Light, a small part of it that sheltered in Nilid's body. Touching the Lamp, the hero felt the pulsating pain leave his body. The reassembled Light flared up, freeing itself from the dark shackles, turning the remains of the obelisks and the body of the defeated Lord to dust. 

In ancient times, the Fire of the Monasteries began on the Temple Mountain - monks, filling their small lamps from the Holy Sun Lamp, carried its Light and warmth to their homeland, lighting a new Fire in halls and cells, and diligently maintaining it for centuries. If the Sacred Fire were to go out - be it from a cataclysm or a barbarian raid - a new procession would immediately set out for the Ancient Temple. In the niches of its main tower, unlit Lamps always waited their turn. Placing one in the trough at the foot of the Holy Source, Nilid waited for it to be filled with Light. 

The hero had traveled a long and dangerous path, but, like his predecessors centuries ago, he still has much to go through to bring the Sacred Fire back to his hometown. Carefully safeguarded, the lamp will help him bring Light even into the darkest corners.
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