Saga of Nilid, the Witch

I attended a contest CARPG9 that lasted 1 month, in which 15 topics were given with titles and short descriptions (5-7 words each). Based on this information, I came up with a complete story, including religion, weather, and the events that happened there. In this article, you can see the full story, concepts, and some development processes. 

Full story and development you can find on my Artstation

The distant light once again caught Nylid's attention, drawing him in. It emanated from a large object, about one and a half times the size of a human, rising from a pile of rags and bones. Upon touching it, the monk felt warm, pulsating waves. The egg shook, cracked, and with a dull snap, shed its shell. Nylid stepped back, staring at the huge black bird, spreading its massive wings, its eyes burning with anger. "How dare you disturb my rest, pitiful little human! For centuries, I have raised the ice of this valley to prevent creatures like you from venturing here." The bird thundered in a voice full of wrath. 

After being defeated in a fierce battle, the bird slowly took on the appearance of a woman, "the same witch who was cursed to guard the swamps beneath the valley," Nylid remembered. Legend had it that her beauty was so great that the women of the village banded together to drive her out, making an alliance with a demon and cursing her to such a terrible fate. Recovering, the witch thanked the monk for freeing her from the curse and offered him the knowledge about his new powers, showing him the path to control and improve them.
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