Saga of Nilid, Or'innot - the Dark Lord

I attended a contest CARPG9 that lasted 1 month, in which 15 topics were given with titles and short descriptions (5-7 words each). Based on this information, I came up with a complete story, including religion, weather, and the events that happened there. In this article, you can see the full story, concepts, and some development processes. 

Full story and development you can find on my Artstation

Entering the battle with the supreme demon, Nilid hopelessly realized that the forces were not equal. All his attempts to even reach Or'innot were unsuccessful - the long, needle-like sword repeatedly threw the hero to the very edge of the all-consuming abyss. In desperate attempts, the monk almost lost his last hope, but then the gates of the hall behind him thunderously swung open - it was the bog witch and the loyal stone guardian who came to help! Together, they could defeat the embodiment of evil. For many hours, they fought and came to each other's aid. And the Dark Lord fell. As often happens, the prophecies were true but vague. The Eye of Or'innot is nothing more than the essence of light and darkness fused together, and any Darkness can be defeated.
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